News D-4

Delegation's Welcoming

The firsts delegations has just arrived ! The Organizing Committee is doing everything that is possible in order to receive them in the best conditions. Until the 13th of November, more than 100 nations will compete for 45 titles. The reception of the delegations will be enhanced by the opening ceremony, which will take place Friday 4th of November at 7 PM.


Warm up room

The delegations started to take possession of the warm up area, located under the Newport Bay Club Hotel. It is a space of  3 000m² with 48 training platforms, 2 weigh-in rooms, and 2 saunas. Every nation have 1 hour and a half of training session each day.

Competition area

The competition area is under construction, and progressing fastly. From the podium to the warm-up room, our teams are working very hard in order to start the competition in the better ways. Everything will be set for Friday 4th of November for the opening.

Opening Ceremony

This coming Friday 4th of November, the opening ceremony will take place in the "Dôme" next to Disneyland Paris. Hurry up to save the date, it's open and free for everybody !

The officials including the IWF President will start saying their speach following by a lingerie fashion show of the famous brand "Soleil Sucré". The clothes will be weared by  one night's model, since it will be athletes from the French Federation. Thus it will be your only opportunity to see them in a role as much original than fleeting.

Once your eyesight will have been stimulated, it will be the time of your hearing sense with the official music of the competition, "Mentale Théorie", singing Fehmann. Finally a surprised is planned to conclude the ceremony and start the championships in the best way.
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