The 2011 World Weightlifting Championships 3 main objectives are:

  • Hosting athletes in the best conditions- Athletes are considered as a major concern
  • Promoting the federation’s disciplines
  • Developing the “sport and health” concept

A breathless sport stake

The organizing committee considers athletes as a major concern. That is why Disneyland Paris has been chosen for hosting the 2011 WWC. The resort offers a high quality environment with prestigious services within a compact site. In effect, each place can be reach by 5 minutes walks from one to another.


Promoting the federation’s disciplines

This major event offers the opportunity for the Weightlifting and, obviously, for the French Weightlifting Federation to promote the discipline. Often badly known, the federation’s disciplines do not benefit from the image deserved. This 2011 WWC will be the occasion to show that weightlifting can be an attractive discipline.

By organising the 2011 WWC in Disneyland resort the organizing committee wants to attract a new international audience. Moreover, this competition will be the opportunity to develop loyalty among our existing public and add new members.

Developing the “sport and health” concept

The weightlifting is beneficial for the fight against some diseases such as osteoporosis and back problems. That is why the 2011 WWC will be the opportunity to develop the “sport and health” aspect and to provide tools for the federation and its members in the long term. Several projects are under consideration. One of them is a touring village, called “Haltero Tour”, which will travel around Paris and its surroundings. The main goal will be to increase public awareness of the weightlifting wholesomeness through games and educational animations.
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